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Reliability | At the same location since 1961

Experience | Over 50 years' in honing and 40 years' with hydraulic presses

Pedigree | Our management and consultants have advanced metallurgical, engineering and mechanical degrees


Established in 1958, Magorien Honing & Hydraulics has over 50 years' experience in high precision I.D. contract honing.

With our recent merger with Modern Hydraulic Technology, which has over 40 years' experience in building new hydraulic presses, modifying and repairing presses, and complete overhaul of presses and cylinders, we now have the pedigree to offer the most efficient and economical solutions for honing as well as hydraulic press-related projects.

We have also incorporated an in-house division for deep hole gun drilling and boring. These extended services allow us to be more competitive by offering turnkey solutions and blanket pricing to customers who require all three operations for their projects. We can now prepare the tooling and setup of all three processes and finish parts up to three times faster, thus saving your time and money.

Boring Machine
^ One of our boring machines

Further, we are dedicated to innovating and providing advanced manufacturing processes to produce some of the highest quality engineered surfaces and diameters possible. Our technology and equipment for stock removal, polishing, and producing controlled radiuses, sizes and finishes are essential to our customers for improving the strength, performance, and overall reliability of the components they produce.


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