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Trepanning at 6.750" ID
^ Trepanning at 6.750" ID


Our Technology Support Group, comprised of field technicians, process engineers, design engineers and administrative personnel, is dedicated to supporting you and the operation of your hydraulic equipment.

The Group provides:
  • Equipment Support: Trained mechanics with the technical expertise and hands-on experience necessary to assess, diagnose and repair your equipment. A primary goal is to reduce downtime that can adversely affect your productivity.

  • Tooling Support: Our engineering staff assists you with your new applications, from initial application evaluation to the design and implementation of new tool designs. This support allows you to expand the capability of your equipment investment.

  • Consultation: Our in-house consultant and lead engineer with press building, designing and modification expertise is available to help you find the most efficient and economical solution for any problems or questions that you may need or have.

  • Training Support: On-site training of your personnel to ensure they are implementing the latest advances in finishing technology.


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