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Over the past 50 years, Magorien has grown into one of America’s leading suppliers to industry for precision I.D. honing services. Our operators' extensive experience allows us to take on ultra-complex projects like keyway and blind holes.

We specialize in all phases of honing, from clean to highly polished surfaces. Our area of expertise is the processing of free issue material.

We have the capacity to hone bores from 1/8” diameter up to 20” diameter. Our large automatic horizontal honing machines can handle components up to 20 feet in length. We have a full range of gages, jo blocks, and testing equipment including a profilometer, to check for I.D. finishes.

With over 20 types of honing machines, we have attained a leading reputation for precision, high performance and fast turnaround, coupled with competitive pricing and a professional approach.

We also take great pride in being responsive to customer needs. We can provide instant quotations over phone and deliver quality finished parts as per our customers' specific request.

Magorien Honing Shop: Building 1
^ Magorien Honing Shop: Building 1

  • Parts out of round, out of tolerance
  • Parts undersized in machining
  • Parts that shrink during heat treat
  • Parts with tight tolerances
  • Parts too difficult to machine economically
  • Parts too rough, needing improved micro-finish
The system's versatility permits both one-off components as well as production batches to be processed with the same degree of care and accuracy.


Over the past 50 years we have honed just about every bore in every material imaginable, from aluminum and stainless steel to titanium, mnemonics and hard chrome. This gives our customers the reassurance that however precise or customized the job, the chances are that we have managed such a case, or something very similar to it before.

We have over 20 types of honing machines, with tooling and gauging that covers .060mm up to 12” diameter, and lengths of up to 20 feet. Our technical experts, by virtue of their years of experience, are experts at the machining of exotic and expensive materials.

So whether the project involves a tiny component or a huge cylinder, we devote our unique combination of expertise, experience and customer focus to deliver the most competitive, reliable and efficient honing service available.

This has made us one of America’s leading contract honing companies.


'Hand honing' is the generic term for the honing of small parts up to around 60mm diameter, and is carried out on a variety of 'bench' type machines. Here the parts are stroked back and forth, either by hand or in automatic fixtures.

For such high precision honing on valuable components, we use a variety of Sunnen honing machines.

Our independence allows us to select the optimum tooling regardless of supplier, and with over 50 years of experience in this area, we instinctively know which brand of tooling will give the best results.

Much of the hand honing carried out is small batch work, often the very last machining operation at the end of an exhaustive manufacturing process. Magorien's expertise to deliver at this level of precision has earned it the trust of many of the country’s top aerospace and motorsport companies.



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